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W50 TB thermal barrier steel window system

Window, three-part of weatherproof structural steel with tiltable bottom and top light as well as turn window. Weathering surface (red rust) and sealed surface.With electronic opening / locking and sensor for monitoring

Product Description

The new W50 TB thermal barrier steel window system is developed to provide architects and planners with optimal solutions for projects involving the renovation or restoration of industrial heritage buildings.

In addition, this profile series provides interesting stimuli for design-oriented contemporary architecture. The characteristic profile contour – 5.5 mm recess in the sightline – emphasizes both the delicate appearance and the link to historical hot-rolled steel profiles. Furthermore, these unique profile contours ensure that the glazing is always flush, in same line between the fixed section and the window section. The wide range of profiles – with installation depths of 50 mm and 55.5 mm and sightline widths of 32 mm for the frame profile and 57.5 mm for the frame/sash combination – makes it possible to create large-format windows, doors and facade bands with any type of opening. The opening and design variants are typical of Bauhaus architecture but are also in line with contemporary style and aesthetics.

In addition to the accessories that have been specially developed and selected by OTTOSTUMM, the W50 TB system is also compatible with a wide range of other fittings. This makes it possibleto replace thermally insulated steel windows from many different historical periods and styles while staying true to the originals.

Product Advantages

  • Narrow steel profile system in style of the industrial architecture buildings
  • Tremendous stability next to narrow visible width
  • Ventilation system with automatic control
  • Wide variety of surfaces / materials form powder coating, stainless steel, bronze and corten
  • Easy installation and startup due to coordinated components

  • Electronic Components

  • Automatic drive/function, Control system/app xy
  • Sensors (glass, closing, CO2 etc.), Interfaces to (Google, Apple, amazon, KNX etc.)

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