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Concept Evo

Oknoplast’s 76 mm system provides optimal thermal performance and protection without breaking the bank.

Product Description

A 76 mm MD design gives excellent protection against the cold in the winter. Adding glass that is practically unbreakable as well as fabrication in antiburglary for windows in class RC2 protects homeowners from unwanted intrusions. Finally adding specially designed fitting with a ventilation position „gap all around“ instead of Tilt (kip) means that we can ventilate while away from home – even in this position, the windows are still RC2.

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Product Advantages

  • Minimized environmental impact thanks to recycled PVC and excellent thermal insulation value Uw = 0,79 W/(m²K)
  • Glass that is extremely difficult to break and easy to clean if vandalized
  • Antiburglary glass for windows in class RC2

  • Electronic Components

  • The ability to safely ventilate while away from home – window is still RC2 class in the ‚ventilation“ position

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