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Winergetic Premium passive

Combining innovative space age and traditional technology, we get a high-quality, automated passive window with excellent thermal and functional performance parameters.

Product Description

Winergetic Premium Passive is a thermally reinforced PVC window that combines modern technology as well as elegant design. Aerogel, currently the best heat insulator in existence, is applied. Compared to other passive house windows, Winergetic Premium Passive is characterized by its outstanding stability due to the use of a steel reinforcement. The motorization, whereby the sash can be tilted automatically with the help of a switch, a remote control or a smartphone, opens up complete new possibilities in home automation and is completely installed in the sash. Especially for people with limited mobility this is an enormous everyday relief, as the window can be opened with the touch of a button. The motor is subtly hidden in the sash – no part of mechanism is visible. With integration into Somfy's Tahoma platform, the window can be controlled from anywhere by a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, manual handling is still possible by handle in the traditional way. This product has a special ventilation system equipped with a filter that blocks over 98% of the harmful particles from the environment.

Product Advantages

  • The application of aerogel allows the achievement of very high thermal performance with a Uw value of only 0.59 W / m²K, leading to minimal energy loss.
  • The application of steel reinforcements allows the production of very large constructions and dark colors while maintaining excellent stability.
  • Automation of the window offers great potential for integration into new types of ventilation systems.
  • The window can be controlled from anywhere in the world with an app on the smartphone or tablet or an application on the laptop.
  • From ift Rosenheim officially tested and certified as a burglar-resistant window in resistance classes RC 2 and RC 2 N.

  • Electronic Components

  • Maco Multimatic „E-Beschläge“ with a motor as the drive unit
  • Somfy Tahoma Box for control to automatically open and close the tilt position
  • Can be linked with Amazon’s Alexa for voice control

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    Winergetic Premium passiv

    Winergetic Premium passiv