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Test equipment, test rig and fire furnace construction

Durability for side-hung pedestrian doorsets – DDT 4.0

Product Description

For the development and ongoing quality assurance of high-quality and complex building components, continuous testing of the products is necessary. This factory production control (FPC) is required in order to meet increased quality requirements or legal requirements. The test rig on display is designed for the durability of doors in accordance with EN 1191, Annex H or EN 14600. ift MessTec GmbH offers suitable testing machines for your products in order to carry out computer-aided continuous monitoring of product quality. For the development of new products and the assurance of product quality, the continuous monitoring of product properties at each development step is an enormous competitive advantage: Finally, the performance of the products can actually be demonstrated and proven to the customer in sales.




Product benefits


Due to the high quality of the components, sensors, converters and software used, ift calibration of the test and measuring equipment is possible. Permanent use, extensive validations and worldwide interlaboratory comparisons provide the necessary security for the measuring procedures to also carry out official tests on these devices. The ift can therefore carry out calibrations for measurement technology and official tests in the accredited area. Through continuous monitoring and remote access to the testing device, the testing laboratory can also monitor and access tests remotely.


Since each instrument is only as good as its operator, competent service and product and application training round off the overall package.



Electronic Components


For mechatronic components, it is particularly important that the known requirements continue to be met: If these components cannot withstand increased humidity and temperature stress, vibration or durability for more than 10 years, they will lose user acceptance or not be accepted at all. Especially the use of electronics under the environmental influences of exterior wall components is a great challenge. For this reason, suitable testing and monitoring is required right from the start, right from the development phase.


The exhibited door leaf, for example, is fitted with cable guides to a mechatronic lock. In the case of electronic components, new solutions can be found for protecting cables against drilling against burglary or cable fatigue due to constant movement.

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