IGT – Institut für Gebäudetechnologie GmbH

Advances Training, Lectures and Consultancy in the area of smart buildings

Advances Training, Lectures and Consultancy in the area of smart buildings; Guidelines in order to determine meaningful requirements for the building automation, suitable technologies as well as neutral documentation or specifications for call for proposals.

Product Description

The trend of ‚Smart Buildings‘ is obvious. Users increasingly ask for additional security or comfort functions via modern building technology. In parallel, lawmakers started already to demand energy efficient control functions within buildings.


But: Which possibilities should be seriously taken into account and which are rather gimmicks? With which product should one become familiar? Which business opportunities are available?


Our one-day seminar ‘Business Opportunities in the area of Smart Buildings’ provides an overview of trends and technologies. It enables to determine the requirements towards a smart building and to determine neutral functional descriptions. Additionally, it shows the variety of business opportunities in order to optimize your own business strategy.


Our 4-day training course ‘Planer and Consultant for Smart Building’ enables you to determine meaningful requirements, to competently plan projects and to consult architects, investors and property developers. Also you will be able to plan projects such way, that the requirements are very clearly defined for the later implementation as well as the long-term documentation.

Product Advantages

  • Consulting expertise in the area of ‘Smart Buildings’ as well as knowledge regarding the actual trends and market developments
  • Qualification to determine meaningful requirements
  • Competency to assess the energetic savings potential due to automation
  • Knowledge to select appropriate technologies or systems
  • Competency to produce a neutral and complete planning, clearly specified descriptions for call for proposals as well as long-term documentation

  • Electronic Components

  • We are not fixed to specific products or technologies. We rather determine the requirements to the automation in the first place. This in turn serves as the basis to determine the requirements to the electronic components.

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