HAUTAU VENTRA® window fans – protection against moisture with heat recovery

Product Description

The compact VENTRA® window fan lets windows breathe, providing a permanent fresh air supply to living spaces when windows are closed.  In times of demographic change and variations in familiar structures, many people work all day long and are not able to ventilate rooms as needed. With VENTRA®, they acquire a reliable, energy-saving solution for ventilating each room as desired with no intervention from the user. This fan is particularly suitable for rooms where a great deal of moist air occurs, such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Reliable protection against moisture thanks to needs-oriented, user-independent ventilation prevents mould, ensures well-being for occupants and provides a healthy indoor climate. The integrated heat exchanger achieves a heat recovery rate of over 70%, thus saving highly expensive heat energy. Uncontrolled permanent or short, intense ventilation results in significant energy losses. Its effortless installation and extremely easy operation are highly intuitive. Professional fitters and window manufacturers install the new window, including the VENTRA®, and put it into operation immediately.  Occupants may ventilate their living space as soon as initial operation is complete.   

The VENTRA® features whisper-quiet operation, so it is suitable for any room. The closed window even shuts out street noise.

Low maintenance The VENTRA® is completely low maintenance. The service indicator only needs to signal when the filter needs changing. Suitable filters are available from specialists and occupants can replace them very easily themselves. The VENTRA® can be combined with all profile system types – wood, PVC and aluminium – and with standard roller shutters. It is suitable for all wall structure types in both new and old buildings. Thanks to its compact design and concealed installation, the VENTRA® does not alter or detract from the building's appearance or architecture. The VENTRA® is virtually invisible on the inside as well since it is fitted into the window's side reveal – a self-reliant, space-saving solution.

A prize-winning product innovation, the VENTRA® received a German Federal Building Renovation Working Group award as a self-reliant ventilation solution.

Product Advantages

  • Reliable moisture protection
  • Simple installation
  • Can be combined with almost all profile systems
  • Easy operation on smartphone or device itself
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance

  • Electronic Components

  • HAUTAU VENTRA® 301 E/N window fan
  • Wireless access point
  • HAUTAU ConfigTool Android/iOS app

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