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GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster

The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster is a double window element that allows for natural ventilation as well as insulation. It consists of an outer window element with a tilt-and-turn hinge and integrated top light, as well as an inner window element with a tilt-and-turn hinge and bottom light. Ventilation is provided via an air duct created by the tilt position of the top and bottom lights. The space between the two elements forms an all-round aluminium frame that features sound-absorbing components. The tilt position of the outer upper light is attained using a motor installed in the frame. This is controlled by the manual tilt process of the bottom light, on the room side. The window element is cleaned from the room side, for which both sash elements can be opened inwards by rotating them. The window is equipped with opening sensors that display the window’s status via a smartphone app.

Product Description

The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster is made up of two window levels, connected by an all-round aluminium frame.

The outer window element forms a tilt-and-turn window with integrated, tipping top light. This element of the window uses the GEALAN-KUBUS® all-glass system. KUBUS® offers minimally visible profiles by using a completely covered horizontal sash. This enables a unique window view with the maximum proportion of glass. Innovative STV® adhesive technology is used in the sashes. Acrylcolor is the tried-and-tested method used for surface colouring. Its particular features include extremely high resistance and colour fastness that lasts years. The inner element is formed by a tilt-and-turn window with an integrated, tipping bottom light.  With the GEALAN S 9000 system that is used here, the focus is on the inner element, specifically on the narrow sight lines. A special combination of narrow mullion and sash elements ensures a minimally visible profile here, without any structural compromises. The all-round aluminium frame combines the two window elements and is a basic module that is not system-dependent. This means that different GEALAN window systems can be combined to form box windows, with the customer free to choose based on their aesthetic and technical preferences. The inside of the frame is provided with sound-absorbent material to guarantee better sound insulation.        

The Hafen-City-Fenster is for use in inner-city residential buildings where customers wish to have natural ventilation, despite increased noise levels. In other words, this window concept is a response to the increasing concentration of buildings in major cities. A key advantage of the GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster is the fact it can be easily cleaned from inside the room. In addition, it is possible to integrate the window into a building automation or Smart Home system. This also enables inhabitants to use ventilation scenarios that run automatically, up to and including a smart ventilation system.

Product Advantages

  • Natural ventilation: Ventilation in rooms is vital for a healthy and hygienic room climate – but it is also essential in order to avoid damage to buildings. New construction methods and materials mean that building shells are increasingly thick, and regular ventilation is essential. Natural ventilation by means of windows is the simplest and most effective option. The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster offers a partly or fully automated solution.
  • Sound insulation: Windows which are well insulated against sound are sought-after, especially in highly populated in cities. However, normal window ventilation allows noise to permeate buildings almost unimpeded. The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster offers the advantage of sound-insulated window ventilation. The ventilation corridor that is created by the tilt positions, when combined with the sound-absorbing components, results in a target insulation level of 36 dB in the Hafen-City-Fenster in ventilation position.
  • Narrow visible profile: Despite the multilayered element structure, the focus in developing the Hafen-City-Fenster from GEALAN was on achieving the narrowest profiles. As a result, the two crossbar view widths are just 100 mm and 106 mm. The outer window frame can be completely covered if necessary, and the sash of the outer element is completely covered by the window frame.
  • Integration into a Smart Home system: The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster can be controlled using Smart Home-enabled actuators and sensors, meaning that it can be integrated into building automation systems. As a result any device can be connected with any other device, and be expanded to create a smart ventilation system. The window can for example be connected to heating controls or kitchen devices. Similarly, it’s possible to integrate additional sensors such as for moisture, temperature or room air, so they can operate as a control element for the window. Installed status sensors enable users to see if their window is open or closed even when they themselves are away from the property; they still have an overview of openings into the building.

  • Electronic Components

  • Automatic drives: The Hafen-City-Fenster uses a “DRIVE axxent DK” motor from SIEGENIA-AUBI. This is installed in the window frame of the outer window element. Alternatively, it is possible to install two motors: one motor installed in the top light of the outer window element, and one motor in the bottom light of the inner window element. This enables fully automatic, natural ventilation in the two elements’ tilt positions, meaning that the window can be integrated into a building automation system.
  • Controls: The displayed element has two remote switches for control; these switch the motor status to “OPEN” and “CLOSED”. Similarly, the remote switch also enables the motor to be steered into an unlock position, which allows the outer level of the window to be manually rotated and opened for window cleaning. The remote switch receives the switch command via the inner window element bottom light window status. If the bottom light is tilted, the “Motor in OPEN position” command is transmitted. If the bottom light is closed, the “Motor in CLOSED position” command is transferred. Unlocking is performed by rotating the inner element open. This is done by placing the two window segments of the inner window into turning position and opening them with an additional attachable handle. Integration into Smart Home concepts is intended for the future – and the use of two motors is required for this. As an alternative, the window can be equipped with magnet contacts and independently triggered by remote or Smart Home systems.
  • 3. Sensors (glass, closure, CO2, etc.): The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster has three optical status sensors that indicate the following statuses: (inner window tilted; inner window open (rotational movement) and outer window tilted. Remote switch control signal evaluation is also performed via this status monitoring. The sensor data can be read via an app, meaning that a user can also view information relating to his windows while away from the building itself.
  • Interface with (Google, Apple, Amazon, KNX, etc.): The displayed exhibit utilises the HomeMatic remote protocol, with a Smart Home gateway. This means that a wide range of devices from different manufacturers can be connected to each other, including for example devices from Miele, eQ-3, Philips, Sonos and Amazon. ZigBee, DECT ULE, IP and HomeMatic IP can be used as remote protocols for example. However, the use of other Smart Home systems is also conceivable.

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