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Only few manufacturers have dealt so intensively with the subject of safety and quality as GAYKO. GAYKO's unique and intelligent SafeGA® security technology sets a milestone in the window and door industry, built according to proven and tested guidelines that have prevented many burglaries.

Product Description

Few manufacturers have focused as much on security and Quality as GAYKO. The intelligent SafeGA® security technology of GAYKO, which is unique in Germany and which has been constructed in accordance with a proven and tested policy, is the new milestone in the window and doors industry and has already prevented many burglaries.

SafeGA® is the uncompromising, excellent safety provision of GAYKO. This means all-round protection against even the heaviest force, because windows that have been outfitted with the GAYKOSafeGA® security system have a considerably increased protection against burglaries. With a series of harmonised technical innovations, GAYKO creates a whole new generation of windows, that have been designed to meet the latest requirements in the field of thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety. New in the range of GAYKO products is the accessory variant GAYKOSafeGA® 5000SL. This equipment allows ventilation in a tilted status with the proven safety standards.

Even the standard GAYKO window already possess the true quality advantages of the proven and patented construction with GAYKOESP and GAYKOGVS. The unique advanced technologies, GAYKOESP and GAYKOGVS, were a precondition for developing the superior GAYKOSafeGA® safety concept. Safety glass and the improved safety grip GAYKOBSG completed the safety concept. Thanks to the individual equipment varieties, GAYKOSafeGA® offers a solution for everyone, that has been tailored to every customer’s specific needs.

GAYKO windows and doors possess excellent internal values and are constructed for generations to come.

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