Effertz Tore GmbH

Fire Curtain Fibreflam Iso 6

Fire Curtain Fibreflam Iso 6, classification EI160 Sa-C2 with interactive control and notification by multi-channel strategy (via web browser, via the EffertzTorZentrale app (iOS/Android) or via the existing one).

Product Description

Effertz Tore GmbH is a premium manufacturer of fire and smoke protection closures. Now Effertz combines decades of experience in the development of fire protection closures and release devices with the possibilities of digitalization and internet. Check and control stats of your door, control unit and release device at every time via web browser, iOS and Android app or by integration into existing KNX bus systems.Split information for different user groups, such as maintenance messages or fault messages for service personnel; opening states for security staff


Product Advantages

  • Operation via web browser, iOS or Android app
  • Active push notification in case of release
  • Active push notification in case of failure
  • User group and authorizations configurable
  • Event history accessible
  • Overview of components and maintenance information available
  • All functions in touch with an approved release device

  • Electronic Components

  • Fire protection drive
  • Release device with integrated control unit SRB-230
  • EffertzTorZentrale as web-interface
  • Smartphone to control fire protection closure via app
  • Connection options with KNX bus system

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