autotronic 834PK

Automatic multipoint locking system autotronic 834PK with intelligent access control systems for SmartHome integration, like SmartConnect easy, SmartTouch or fingerprint scanner. Barrier-free.

Product Description

Thanks to the wide range of standard connection options, the autotronic 834PK can be easily integrated into the systems of numerous providers of SmartHome applications and in building management systems. With an optional handle height of 850 mm and the motor-assisted key operation thanks to the servo function, it is ideally suited for barrier-free access.

The intelligent SmartConnect easy access control system enables door opening via smartphone. You can use the existing WiFi device or the Internet. An intuitive app allows control at any time and from any location. In addition, voice control, e.g. by Alexa, is possible. The radio fingerprint scanner can also be easily managed via SmartConnect easy.

The KeylessGo SmartTouch system provides particularly convenient access. The annoying key search is eliminated; the SmartKey can stay in the bag. A touch of the door handle at any point is sufficient.



Product advantages


Automatic locking system autotronic 834PK

  • Improved security thanks to automatic locking
  • Easy to operate: can be opened from the inside using the lever, or from the outside via an access control system or servo supported by the key
  • Powerful, fast motorised unlocking
  • Easy to add FUHR radio access control systems
  • Preconfigured for the connection of a wide range of additional components, e.g. intercoms, alarm systems, or swing door drives


SmartConnect easy

  • For convenient door opening using a smartphone via WiFi
  • Additional SmartHome control of garage doors, electric strikes, roller shutters, lighting or monitoring of windows, and much more
  • Very secure thanks to a password-protected administration
  • Easy to install, no cables required – also ideal for retrofitting
  • Individual user administration and temporary access control
  • WiFi allows controlling and monitoring while on the move
  • Integration of voice control, e.g. Alexa, is possible



  • Convenient KeylessGo door opening
  • High-quality stainless steel door handles

Electronic Components

  • Automatic multipoint locking system with integrated panic function and servo assistance
  • Swing door drive of GEZE for automatic opening and closing
  • Spring loaded contacts for cable-free power and data transmission
  • Multi-functional control with visual locking status indicator and inputs and outputs for all functions
  • Universal transformer for a power supply to motor lock and swing door drive
  • Comfort opening SmartConnect easy for controlling and monitoring via smartphone, only requires a 230V socket
  • Further optional radio-controlled access systems such as SmartTouch, fingerprint scanner, keypad and transponder reader can be connected directly to the motor for power supply
  • Voice control via Alexa

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