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Calibration laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025


Since the founding of the ift 50 years ago, the testing technology has been linked to ift‘s own developments and the construction of test equipment. After many years of experience with the internal calibration of test and measuring equipment, in 2012, ift was accredited by DAkkS for the first time as a calibration laboratory according to the international standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Last update: July 2018 RE-accreditation for
in-house and external calibrations;
Extension in the measurement range „pressure“;
Flexible (Category III).


Apart from factory calibration certificates and ift-evidences (as Conformity Certificates), the ift Calibration Laboratory, based on its accreditation, can offer DAkkS Calibration Certificates to its clients.

In addition to the traceability of the quantity, the DAkkS Calibration Certificates guarantee worldwide acceptance in those countries whose accrediting institutions have signed the multilateral agreements (EA/ILAC).

DAkkS Calibration Certificates are a prerequisite for the use of testing equipment in accredited test laboratories and are also required for the factory production control (FPC) of ISO 9001-certified manufacturers and/or for product certification.

A special advantage for ift-customers is the accreditation for on-site calibrations - i.e. outside the ift-calibration laboratory. This means that ift-customers do not have to send the test equipment, but the ift-calibration engineer travels to the test rig, which greatly reduces the downtime of the test equipment to be calibrated in the customer laboratory.

For more detailed information on the accredited quantities and possible measurement ranges, please refer to the Annex of the certificate available for download.


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