What to do when test specimens fail during testing?

Date: 08.10.2015 | Download: Technical article (PDF) | Author(s): Konrad Querengässer, Markus Egli | Contact: Susanne Hainbach

Professional preparation supports success and reduces costs

Why are tests required?


The development cycles of windows and facades are becoming increasingly shorter. As a result, the risk of weak spots or faults creeping in during construction is becoming increasingly greater. This is also being reflected clearly in practical testing at ift: Similar faults and weak spots are being identified repeatedly. Hence, the tests conducted on windows and facades should not only serve as certification that the requirements of the construction are met but, rather, they should be used along with the development process to unearth potential shortcomings or defects.




Usability of windows, external doors and facades


Influences on windows, exterior doors and facades may occur both from the room side – for example, by the room air moisture, temperature and use – and also from the outside by rain, wind, change in temperature and humidity, solar radiation and noise, but also by mechanical attack during burglary or by aggressive environmental influences. Moreover, forces caused by movements in construction works, and from the construction product itself, act on it by change in length or shape or by the self-weight of the construction product.


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