Sound insulation of lift-and-slide doors

Datum: 13.11.2014 | Download: Fachartikel (PDF) | Autor(en): Dr. Joachim Hessinger | Kontakt: Magdalena Söll

Practical experience from the ift

Lifting-sliding doors are already being used since several years in construction as external construction components in the facade, often for architectonic reasons, but even to conserve space in the living room or with large-format elements for reasons of weight.


In contrast to the more common tilt-and-turn window elements, there is no collection of examples for the verification of sound insulation of these construction elements in the German standard DIN 4109. The product standard for windows provides the option of verifying sound insulation of sliding windows in the form of a table, though only up to sound insulation of Rwv = 30 dB.


Sound measurements made in the last 25 years at ift Rosenheim have been evaluated for this presentation. The analyses have been illustrated in the following sections.


In all, 204 independent measurements have been analysed. The measurements have been made on elements made of the frame material plastic, wood or metallic composite profiles (primarily aluminium with thermal barrier).


The measurements were made in accordance with the laboratory test standard (currently DIN EN ISO 10140-1 to 5), in which primarily large-format elements with test areas ³ 6 m² were analysed, see Figure 1, for example.


The complete text incl. pictures is available for downloading as PDF file.


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