International Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference 9 and 10 October 2014

Date: 09.07.2014 | ID: PI140777 | Download: International Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference 9 and 10 October 2014 PI140777 (PDF) | Author(s): Inga Schöne

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The world is changing and people are affected by trends such as urbanisation, the ‘silver society’ and integration. Nevertheless, topics such as energy conservation and security are very much on the agenda. For this reason, lectures on Energy-Plus houses, efficient energy up-grades and the energy policy are part of the core programme of the 42nd Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference. On 9 and 10 October, 30 experts will be presenting the most important trends in the window and facade industry in Rosenheim. The keynote speakers, architect Ken Shuttleworth and Prof. Dr. Alexander Verl, will be presenting innovations in modern architecture and industrial production technology. In addition, there will be plenty of practical information on the installation, defect prevention, sound insulation and application recommendations for windows and doors.


The discussion on the energy turnaround is still going strong and thus remains an important trend in our industry. There are therefore two sessions dealing with the issues, “Energy” and “Refurbishment”. In addition, Hans Erhorn (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, IBP) will take a close look at a test of Energy-Plus houses. Peter Rathert (BMUB) will report of Federal projects concerned with energy efficiency and sustainability. Christine Milch (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, IBP) will provide information on the refurbishment of listed buildings and Dietmar Walberg (Working group for modern building construction) will speak on energy upgrade in urban rehabilitation.

The implementation of future requirements for windows, doors and facades is enabled particularly through innovation. Therefore, Daniel Dobmeier (Lindner Fassaden GmbH) and Christian Anders (anders metallbau GmbH) will present innovative facades and composite glazing systems at the “Architecture and innovation” forum. In the “Research and innovation” session, Norbert Sack (ift) and Prof. Dr. Monika Willert-Porada (University of Bayreuth) will speak about the current status of the eco-design study, as part of which work is being carried out on the development of a European energy label and the “window of the future”.


In research and development it is important – in view of potential export business – to take account of the international markets with their requirements, for example the USA. In the “International” session, Jörn P. Lass (ift) and Marc Silverberg (AAMA) will explain what performance is expected of facades in accordance with DIN EN AAMA ISO and will compare international facade products. In addition, Marc LaFrance (IEA) will give an overview over international energy conservation activities.


As always, this year’s Rosenheim Window and Façade Conference will cover practical topics relating to technology and standardisation. In the “Technology – practice” session the ift experts will provide information on E DIN 18055 and the sound insulation of lift-and-slide doors. Prof. Christian Niemöller (SMNG) will give legal advice on issues relating to construction law and liability risks. There will be a session dedicated to the topic “Market” and the diverging requirements of the glass and window industries, as well as the current trend towards security in burglar-resistant windows.


In addition, the ift experts will be available on both days to answer questions by individuals. The below subjects will be dealt with in more depth during four workshops on Friday morning.

  • Update: the new RAL windows and external doors installation guide;
  • “slimming course” for triple glazing;
  • Larger, heavier, denser – what can be learned from defects;
  • Eurocodes and recommendations for the structural design of win-dows.


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