ift-Website Relaunched

Date: 09.10.2013 | ID: PI131092 | Download: ift-Website Relaunched PI131092 (PDF) | Author(s): Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Our portal with new services and features

The technical facilities provided by the web keep improving at a rapid pace and what was brand-new yesterday is old today. For this reason, the ift-website has been completely re-vamped and will be operated with state-of the art portal technology with effect from 10 October in German. The English version is in work and will be available in December 2014. Document handling will be facilitated above all for ift clients. The cumbersome task of copying data from one software system to another or the transfer of large volumes of data via email is no longer necessary – thus saving time and effort and causing less trouble. The features may also be used for the purpose of traceability and archiving test and classification reports as requested by the CPR. The utilisation of technical publications, check lists and online tools becomes easier as well.


For the technical services of ift Rosenheim, for example tests, classifications or certifications, manufacturers of construction components and building materials must provide a large number of their own documents, such as drawings, technical data, sampling logs or FPC verification. The ift Portal provides registered clients with the latest upload and download features as well as an archiving structure that complies with the structures of the CPR and also meets the archiving requirements of technical documentation. In the document centre of the customer portal with restricted access, clients can view or retrieve your own orders, test reports, certificates or calibration contracts. They will automatically receive information via email regarding completed documents or impending deadlines.


The security of all data complies with the most stringent standards and is ensured by the use of VPN connections and encrypted data transfer with SSL certificates. Additionally, an authorisation concept enables our clients to share privileges with their staff or any other designated person and to provide them with access to all documents created by ift Rosenheim.


Enrolment for and booking seminars, technical conferences or conventions is also possible now via the ift Portal; some common payment options available are by credit card or via PayPal will be available until the end of December.


The publications and expert information of ift Rosenheim now have an improved structure and can be traced easily with the help of a powerful search engine. The creation of typology and indexing the documents as well as an intelligent search display help to simplify handling the document archive of ift Rosenheim, which offers technical information spread over almost 3,000 articles.


The use of online tools is facilitated by the centralised registration, since important user data such as business addresses are optionally available for use so that repetitive data entry becomes a thing of the past.

Legal note for use: The contents are freely available when mentioning the source ‘Information of ift Rosenheim’ and can be used without a license for communication in media and business. Please send us a specimen copy as publication or as PDF-file via email to the editorial contact.