R+T 2015 – ift Special Show "More than Light + Shadow!"

Date: 22.10.2014 | ID: PI141096 | Download: R+T 2015 – ift Special Show "More than Light + Shadow!" PI141096 (PDF) | Author(s): Susanne Hainbach

Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Safety by Technology, Functionality + Quality

Modern buildings today can no longer do without powerful sunshades / glare shields and daylight systems, and there are greater requirements being specified for windows and doors than merely "closing the opening". The systems must be capable of more than just providing colour and design or sealing off a room in order to be convincing. The ift Special Show "More than Light + Shadow!" showcases the relevant technical parameters as well as the technical / scientific, normative and statutory requirements based on powerful products at the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart in Hall 9/B52.


Systems for solar protection and for utilising natural and healthy daylight play a prominent role for living comfort, security and health.  This is why these systems, in conjunction with window and facade systems, must become an integral constituent of a modern building shell in order to achieve substantial reduction in the enormous energy consumption for air conditioning and lighting. With the advanced development of window, facade and glazing systems, the integration of sunshade / glare shield and daylight systems is becoming increasingly easier and better.


The technical options, however, are not being considered or under-utilised by architects in several modern construction trends. Nevertheless, for the planning, production and installation of powerful systems, what you need is significantly more than sheer information and characteristic values of resistance to wind load or on colour and design: For solar shading systems, even specifications on the effect of solar protection (gtotal value), regulations on daylight supply (light channelling), thermal protection, burglar resistance, UV resistance, abrasion, protection against dust/sand need to be considered. The specifications and boundary conditions for automatically operated and controlled systems such as the safety and fitness for use are of fundamental importance for doors and exterior shutters or closures. The new product standard EN 13659 also contributes to this for exterior shutters or closures and places significantly more technical demands on the manufacturer now than ever before.


The ift Special Show "More than Light + Shadow!" contributes to this complexity and illustrates the important technical parameters. The technical / scientific, normative and statutory regulations (CE mark) as well as suitable methods are presented for testing and quality control. Modern and powerful products of leading manufacturers, who are among the technical "champions" in the respective segment / function, make all this amply clear.


The Special Show is divided into the following segments:


1.  Powerful solar protection, glare shield and daylight systems in the context of the building shell (interior and exterior)

2.  Energy-efficient and safe roller shutters with connections optimised with respect to building physics and use as temporary thermal protection

3.  Window, facade and glazing systems with integrated solar protection / glare shield and daylight systems

4.  Installation and fixing systems

5.  Software and control systems

6.  Power-operated doors with innovative control and safety devices

7.  Solar protection with glazing and photovoltaic systems

8.  Sustainability – Products with proven and verified sustainability criteria


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