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Testing according to DIN 15651 of sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways


The standard DIN EN 15651 is a series of standads that specifies definitions and requirements for sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways. The separate parts of the standard (part 1 - 4) contain the different applications of sealants with the corresponding test specifications. Part 5 includes the description for evaluation of conformity and marking of individual products. 


This standards series specifies definitions and requirements for cold applied non-structural elastic sealants used for movement joints in floors in building construction for interior and exterior use, e.g. for pedestrian walkways and public areas. The contents of the standard parts of DIN EN 15651-1 to -4 are specified below.


Part 5 comprises the determinations for evaluation of conformity, thus the initial type testing of the product as well as the corresponding necessary factory production control. The products have to be put to the corresponding initial type testing. On basis of the initial type testing, the classification will be determined if the result is positive and a classification report will be issued. If the standard-compliant factory production control is present, the products can be marked according to the specifications of DIN EN 15651-5


ift Rosenheim tests sealants according to the following standards:

DIN EN 15651-1 − Sealants for facade elements:

This part is for non-structural facade sealants intended for sealing exterior wall joints, window and door perimeter joints in building construction, including the interior face. The requirements, definitions and the tests to be carried out are specified in this part of the standard. 

DIN EN 15651-2 − Sealants for glazing:

Part 2 of this standard specifies the areas for non-structural elastic sealants used for sealing glazing in building construction applications. These sealants are mostly used in the areas glass to glass; glass to frame; glass to porous substrates.

The definitions, requirements and tests for this glazing joints from 7° horizontal are specified in this part.

DIN EN 15651-3 − Sealants for sanitary joints:

Sealants used for sealing of joints applied in sanitary areas in the interior of buildings exposed to non-pressurised water are covered with part 3. This part of the standards applies for joints in bathrooms; toilets; showers; domestic kitchens.

DIN EN 15651-4 − Sealants for pedestrian walkways:

Sealants can be used for movement joints in floors in building construction for interior and exterior use. Areas of application are: floor joints designed for pedestrian walkways, public areas, movement joints between concrete slabs, areas with pedestrian load, areas used with trolleys, walkable floors, balconies, terraces, warehouses. Sealants used in these areas of application are specified in part 4 of DIN EN 15651.



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