Market opportunity: Security

Datum: 13.11.2014 | Download: Fachartikel (PDF) | Autor(en): Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Moosreiner, Jens Pickelmann | Kontakt: Magdalena Söll

Trend towards burglar resistant building components

At least from the point of view of the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation, since last autumn the issue of burglaries in private dwellings has been everywhere in the media. Newspapers have been devoting whole pages to it, and it frequently features in television news reports. The reason for this lively interest in burglaries – and the question of what can be done to prevent them – is that they are occurring with ever greater frequency right across Germany. Police crime advice centres are no longer able to keep up with requests for appointments, and companies that retrofit security devices (as named in the lists of approved security installers) are struggling to respond to enquiries and issue quotes within a reasonable time frame.


Discounters with a good awareness of trends in the market have started to offer tested and certified additional security devices in their online shops. These are the products that appear in the police’s directories of manufacturers for “Tested and certified additional burglar resistant products”. These products are therefore indeed what is needed, but DIYers are not familiar with DIN 18104-1 or the “recommendations for use” contained in it, which state that one security device must be fitted per metre of window perimeter, i.e. four security devices are required on an average window. They will probably be proud if they have fitted even one security device, so will have a very misleading impression of how secure their home is.


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