Jörn Peter Lass of ift Rosenheim receives professorship

Date: 25.09.2014 | ID: PI140990 | Download: Jörn Peter Lass of ift Rosenheim receives professorship PI140990 (PDF) | Author(s): Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

The ift expert takes over the course on "Building Shell"

The Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is appointing Jörn Peter Lass with effect from October 1 as the qualified expert for windows, external doors, facades and skylight windows as the Professor for the course on "Building Shell".


Jörn Lass has worked during the last 14 years at ift Rosenheim as the Head of the test centre and the Divisional Head for windows, external doors and facades. During this period, he has been associated with numerous R&D projects, tested and evaluated innovative constructions of internationally reputed facade projects, was working as a specialist and has formulated various ift guidelines. During his tenure at ift Rosenheim, Jörn Lass has also worked intensively in various standards and organising committees for the concerns and issues pertaining to the industry. In the process, his know-how from the renowned test and research institute and his practical experience that he had gathered while working with various window and facade manufacturers has been appreciated. Jörn Lass has also experience in teaching since several years, which he has acquired in the professional advanced education programme ED PRO of the ift Rosenheim and the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.


In the new course created, "Building Shell", young engineers, who are in a position to implement the complex and spectacular building shells of internationally renowned architects in practice, are meant to get educated and trained. In-depth specialist and detailed knowledge is necessary in order to implement concept designs for roofing and facades of the future in technically functional products that are suitable for use. Jörn Lass would like to generate important ideas and share his knowledge with young people so that they can achieve the implementation of architectonic visions at the highest technical level and are able to undertake advanced development on them.


Jörn Lass will also continue to remain associated with ift Rosenheim in his new capacity and provide his technical expertise in the testing business, for assessments and with standardisation and formulation of regulations. In addition to this, he will support research and development projects being executed in cooperation between the University, the Fraunhofer Centre for Building Physics and Structural Design and ift Rosenheim, and supervise bachelor and academic theses. He will also continue to be actively involved in extra occupational advanced education and the Master's course on windows and facades.


The Head of the Institute, Prof. Ulrich Sieberath, will temporarily take over as the Head of the Division for outdoor building components. The well-known employees of the Division will continue to be at the disposal of the customers of ift Rosenheim in the usual manner as before:

  • for windows: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Kolacny,
  • for external doors: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Krippahl,
  • for facades: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Rolf Schnitzler.

The standardisation activities of Jörn Lass will be coordinated by Andreas Woest.

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