Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Customer information

Actions to safeguard ift services

Datum: 14.04.2020

Dear ift customers and partners,
Very restrictive actions were introduced in Germany and Europe to slow down the spread of coronavirus. This leads to severe restrictions in daily life and in common business processes. Taiwan and South Korea show how to deal professionally with the corona risk. In these two countries, the consistent application of personal protection behaviour, a transparent information policy, cancellation of mass events and early detection measures result in low and declining case numbers, so that daily life and business life continues relatively normally.
This approach is also the benchmark for our actions at ift Rosenheim. We do everything for the health of our employees, but also to ensure that the institute is able to work, in order to provide our customers with all the services they need. 
To this end, we have taken the following measures in accordance with the recommendation of the German Federal Government on the industrial safety standard SARS-CoV-2:
  • Video calls and conferences, where you as a customer only need a webcam and a microphone, which are available on every smartphone and notebook.
  • Assembly service for test specimens, where you only need to deliver your test specimen and the ift craftsmen will assemble everything according to the assembly instructions - also by video surveillance if necessary. 
  • Tests (fire resistance, air/wind/water, etc.) with video support in real time.
  • Thanks to IT investments, employees in the home office can still be reached by customers via e-mail and telephone without any restrictions.
  • Maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 - 2 metres by reducing the density of occupancy in offices and meeting rooms.
  • Ensuring employee health by consistently following to the recommended protective actions recommended by RKI (sneezing/coughing behaviour, regular room ventilation and hand washing, increased cleaning intervals of possible contact surfaces, etc.).
This procedure creates the greatest possible degree of safety, trust and manageability, so that our employees will continue to be able to support you - whether for training courses, expert opinions, audits/external monitoring and inspections in ift Rosenheim or on the company's own test rigs. 
With this bundle of technical and organizational actions, we want to support you in the Corona crisis with all the necessary services so that you can work on your construction projects and product developments reliably and successfully.
Please call or send an e-mail to discuss the details with your contact person at ift Rosenheim. We are at your side even in these difficult times!
Dr. Jochen Peichl, CEO
Prof. Jörn P. Lass, CTO

If you do have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: +49 (0)8031 261-0