ift Rosenheim to Award Star Ratings

Date: 17.10.2014 | ID: PI141095 | Download: ift Rosenheim to Award Star Ratings PI141095 (PDF) | Author(s): Inga Schöne

New label of ift Rosenheim honours the quality of companies

The newly developed ift Company Label provides a simple and differentiated evaluation of the company with respect to the existing ift product certifications and ift management systems and can be used by manufacturers for advertising and publicity. The internationally acclaimed evaluation system used for the label with the help of five stars is easily understandable for the end consumers, creates trust and supports quality-conscious companies in sales.


Only those who are customer-oriented and work innovatively, develop their potential systematically, identify weaknesses and risks at an early stage and are able to eliminate them; only they can face the challenge of stiff competition in the long term and live up to the diverse requirements of the market. Standards for management systems describe modern and future-oriented procedures for the organisation and management of a company in which all employees are involved.


In order to be able to communicate this benefit to an end consumer as well, ift Rosenheim has developed a label for companies. The ift certifications of existing management systems and products of the company shall be honoured with the help of stars. In the process, one star indicates that the company has at least one product certification. A second star stands for the quality management according to ISO 9001. A third star represents a certified environmental management according to ISO 14001, and a fourth one for the certification of energy management according to ISO 50001. A fifth star represents certification for occupational and health safety of the company in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001. For example, if a company has a product certification and certified energy management, then this company receives a label with two stars. The end consumer may simply use the QR code with the link to the ift website in order to get detailed information on the company and the evaluation system as well as the different certified products and management systems.


True to the ift slogan "We certify only that what we see and in which we are specialised", the basis of the label is always regular surveillance by the certification and surveillance body of ift Rosenheim.

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