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ift-Guideline of basis for the evaluation of direct glazing systems according to VE-08/4



ift-Guideline VE-08/4 - Basis for the evaluation of direct glazing systems

Division Building material:

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Scope according to ift-Guideline VE-08/4 (Chapter 1):

This guideline does apply on all types of glazing in windows that - divergent from the state of the art - combine glazing products with a casement or frame member by bonding.
The field of application applies for all types of adhesive systems on surfaces used in window construction.

Requirements according to ift-Guideline VE-08/4:

  • Linear storage by the casement overlap
  • Insulating glass unit (IGU)
  • Glass position
  • Load-bearing bonding glass-substrate and/or IGU-edge seals-substrate
  • Load-bearing bonding glass-glass (edge seals)
  • Life (of products) applicable for the window
  • Durability, applicable for the adhesive
  • Bonding
  • Compatibility with adjoining materials
  • Mechanical load
  • Climatic load



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