fensterbau/frontale 2014

Date: 04.04.2014 | ID: PI140566 | Download: fensterbau/frontale 2014 PI140566 (PDF) | Author(s): Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

eview of the Special Exhibition (Sonderschau) and Symposium "Vibrant research for vibrant lives"

At the "fensterbau/frontale 2014" held this year, the focus was on research that drives progress and ensures the basis of the technological head start and financial success. This is why interesting projects of the "Zukunft Bau" research initiative and findings of innovative research by manufacturers were presented at the Special Exhibition. These covered the range from high-performance joining technique in glass construction to photo bioreactors integrated in facades and right up to automatic ventilation including a user-friendly calculation tool. The volume of documentation on the special exhibition contains information of interest on the research projects and dares to have a glance into the future of windows in the year 2030.


One attraction for the visitors was the "avenue for experiments", which made the fundamentals of research and physical correlations come alive under the keyword "The Programme with the Mouse for Grownups" and prompted creative contemplation. What was also exciting was the "Research live", in which intuitive opening and closing of windows was acquired and recorded with the help of measurements. The data is used as the basis for determining the stresses borne by frames and fittings with mean user behaviour.


The symposium held at the same time with lectures and presentations on projects of the "Zukunft Bau" research initiative, innovative research projects of industry partners as well as an international section with information on the European Energy Policy, Ecodesign Guidelines and the energy labelling guidelines were highly popular. The presentation slides released as well as the volume of documentation in German and English are available for download free of charge at the ift website.


The subject of assembly and installation made its presence felt particularly with the presentation of the new installation manual, the online installation planner and the submission of certificates for installation products of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. The Director of the Institute, Prof. Ulrich Sieberath, presented the installation planner developed jointly with the company on the first day of the Trade Fair, and handed over two certificates for innovative quality products (corner connector screw ASSY 3.0-FES and frame Dowell AMO) to Thomas Klenk of Würth. With the help of the newly developed online installation planner, fabricators, planners and assemblers can prepare property-related planning of the physical connection of building components to the building structure on a PC or tablet PC with the help of a few clicks. The assembly pass can then be used as verification for proper and professional planning for the construction-related physical window installation. Rainer Taig from the company Wertbau was also honoured, with the company being awarded as the ideal cooperation partner for medium-sized innovative force and practical suitability.


Similarly, certificates for the new window and facade systems suitable for use in passive houses were also handed over to the company Gutmann to Steffen Borkenhagen and Thomas Rönnebeck. The verifications and certificates of ift Rosenheim support quality-conscious and quality-oriented manufacturers since these documents are appreciated and acknowledged by architects, technical designers and authorities as substantiated and credible verifications for the technical parameters and product quality.


Several discussions at the special exhibition with experts from all over the world were characterised by a high level of specialisation and clearly demonstrated the willingness to continue with research and development work and thus, to bring about improvements even in the best windows, facades and building elements. The special exhibition "Vibrant research for vibrant lives" provided an ideal environment for this purpose, gave stimulating impulses and thus sustainably supported the claim of fensterbau/frontale as being an international and global leading trade fair for demonstrating innovations and trends.

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