Windows and doors in special buildings

Date: 08.10.2015 | Download: Technical article (PDF) | Author(s): Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Knut Junge | Contact: Susanne Hainbach

Design and implementation of special requirements using the example of school buildings

What makes a building special? The building regulations classify special buildings as rooms and facilities of special type or use. This is given concrete shape in the sample building code and the respective national building regulations by a list of different types of buildings. Typical examples are: skyscrapers, meeting places, hospitals and even schools, universities and similar facilities. For some of these approximately 20 special constructions listed, there are special codes existing such as, for example: the meeting place ordinance, regulations for residential facilities and the sample school building guidelines.

What is common in these regulations is that they usually – if at all – provide only rudimentary specifications for the requirements of windows and doors. Often, this is only related to closures or shutters of rescue routes. Thus, the designer barely has any clue or guiding principle on the properties required of these elements. In other words: There is no relation to the classifications as they are provided in abundance in the product standard EN 14531-1.

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