Facades – bizarre shapes, state-of-the-art technology

Date: 12.10.18 | Download: Technical article (PDF) | Author(s): Rolf Schnitzler | Contact: Gabriele Tengler

The challenge of test verification

Curtain walls should primarily be able to fulfil their function as building envelopes. The requirements for tightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation etc. must be fulfilled. Nevertheless, of course, the visual impression of a facade is also in the focus of the building owner and the architects. If the architect is also given sufficient design freedom, impressive facade shapes can be created.


Even if bizarre, complicated shapes often cause a frown in the beginning, these facades are often a welcome reference project for the manufacturers. However, the more innovative such facades are and the less experience with the construction exists, the more the manufacturer depends on the fact that the chosen facade construction is also well thought-out. Therefore, in such cases a large part of the responsibility lies with the consultants and technical engineers.

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