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Testing of water tightness according to EN 1027



EN 1027 - Watertightness

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Scope according to EN 1027 (Chapter 1):

This European Standard defines the test method to be used to determine the watertightness of completely assembled windows and doorsets of any materials. This test method is designed to take account of conditions in use, when the window or doorset is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and the requirements of relevant European Standards and codes of practice.

Requirements according to EN 1027 (Chapter 5):

  • A chamber with an open side to which the test specimen can be fitted. It shall be constructed so as to be able to withstand the test pressures without deflecting to an extent likely to influence the test results.
  • Means for applying controlled test pressure to the test specimen
  • Means of producing rapid changes in test pressure, controlled within defined limits
  • Instrument suitable for measuring the quantity of water supplied within an accuracy of ± 10 % of the measured value. If several rows of nozzles with different flows are included, the total flow of water has to be checked.
  • Means of measuring the test pressure applied across the test specimen, within an accuracy of ± 5 %.
  • A spraying system capable of applying a continuous regularly dispersed film of water, all over the surface likely to be wetted in real exposure conditions. By means of full circular cone nozzles with the flowing features:
  • Angle of spray: (120_ 1 8)°
  • Pressure working range: 2 bar to 3 bar according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Nozzle rate: top row (2 ± 0.2) l/min per nozzle, additional rows (1 ± 0.1) l/min per nozzle and (2 ± 0.2) l/min per nozzle (see 6.2.5)



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