Individual evidence for “sustainable timber procurement“

Date: 12.01.2018 | ID: PI171166 | Download: Individual evidence for “sustainable timber procurement“ PI171166 (PDF) | Author(s): Christoph Freidhofer

Low-cost procedure enables verification without certification

With a new order of October 6, 2017, issued by the federal ministries of Germany, it is now possible to participate in public procurements for sustainable wood products without a complex certification (e. g. by the systems FSC® or PEFC™) but with an so called “individual evidence”. This individual evidence certifies that the used wood comes from sustainable cultivation and can be issued by the ift Rosenheim. Particularly for small craft and service enterprises as well as companies that only rarely carry out contracts for the public sector, the individual evidence is a cost-efficient and effective alternative to a Chain-of-Custody certification.


The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important these days. In addition to leading retail chains, DIY stores and affluent "eco-builders", this has also been recognised by the public authorities. In the "Federal Regulation on the Procurement of Wood Products", which has been in force since 2010, these authorities have been demanding proof of the fact that wood (with a value of €2,000 or more) used for government orders comes from sustainable and legal forestry.


Previously, this proof was only possible via a Chain-of-Custody certificate (CoC) in the form of a product certification by the systems FSC® or PEFC™ or an equivalent certificate. This certification can also be carried out by ift Rosenheim and guarantees a gapless record of the origin of the wood. It is mainly suitable for companies that receive a large number of orders in accordance with these procurement guidelines and/or who want to advertise officially with the trademarks FSC® or PEFC™


With the new federal regulation of the participating federal ministries dated 6 October, it is now also possible to participate in public procurements with an individual certificate and without certification. The individual evidence is thus a way of proving the origin of wood products that are directly related to a specific order. It is particularly suitable for smaller companies that rarely carry out public sector contracts.


In order to fulfil the obligation to provide evidence to a public client after winning the contract and before installing the wood products, it is possible to request the detailed proof from ift Rosenheim. You will receive the preparatory documents for document verification. Only in few complex cases an on-site inspection by an auditor is necessary. After the relevant data has been checked by an ift expert, a confirmation is issued and the test certificate can be issued within a few days.

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