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Testing of adhesion and extension - Part 3: Influence of light and glass according to DIN 52455-3



DIN 52455-3 - Adhesion and extension - Influence of light through glass

Division Building material:

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Scope according to DIN 52455-3 (Chapter 1):

This standard applies for the test method for evaluation of adhesion/cohesion properties of sealants after influence of artificial light with UV proportion through glass at simultaneous load by water and increased temperature.

Requirements according to DIN 52455-3 (Chapter 9):

  • Load-elongation chart
  • Dimensioned spacer
  • Tensile test
  • Test specimen provided with reinforcements or mounting brackets
  • Rigid clamping in the grip clamps of the tensile testing machine
  • Elongation of the sealant should be made vertical to joint length
  • Elongation made with prescribed speed



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