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Testing of compatibility of sealing products - Part 4: Compatibility with other protection coatings according to DIN 52452-4



DIN 52452-4 - Compatibility of sealing products - Compatibility with other management systems

Division Building material:

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Scope according to DIN 52452-4 (Chapter 1):

The test method serves for the evaluation whether interactions exist and/or appear between the sealants used for fixing and weatherproofing and the coating systems that come into contact. The test method is suitable for all sealants that are processed in pasty condition and therefore coming into contact with coatings.

Requirements according to DIN 52452-4 (Chapter 7):

  • Flawless coating of sealant surface
  • Complete drying process of coating
  • No discolouration of coating
  • Adhesion of coating on sealant
  • Elasticity without cracking in the coating



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