The new graded model – step by step towards product quality

Date: 08.10.2015 | Download: Technical article (PDF) | Author(s): David Hepp | Contact: Magdalena Söll

Making the entry into quality assurance easy

For many years, the ift Rosenheim has been offering a wide range of product certifications for materials, components and construction parts associated with windows, facades, doors, hardware and glass products. The certifications are based on certification schemes designed for the respective products. The ift certification schemes are generally used to ensure the consistent quality of construction products and accessories.


An important shared characteristic of these schemes is that the product and manufacturer requirements are absolute, and all have to be complied with in order to obtain the "ift-certified" mark. This means that, up to now, there has not been any grading of requirements within the certification schemes.


This has sometimes put off primarily smaller manufacturers or companies with only little experience relating to factory production control, product testing, and hence consistent documentation or activities, or has failed to arouse their interest in product certification. In response the ift Rosenheim, in agreement with the Quality Assurance Association for Windows and Doors in Frankfurt, has developed a differentiated certification scheme (graded model) for windows, doors and facades.

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