CE marking of fire-resistant doorsets – the right way!

Datum: 10.06.2015 | Download: Fachartikel (PDF) | Autor(en): David Hepp (ift Rosenheim) | Kontakt: Susanne Hainbach

Surveillance and certification of fire safety products

The product standard for doors, gates and windows with fire protection and / or smoke control properties, DIN EN 16034 is raring to go: It will control many new things both for system providers and also for manufacturers and will become noticeable in day-to-day life. With the introduction of the product standard, preparation of a declaration of performance and the CE marking will first now be possible even for fire-resistant doorsets and then become mandatory. The system provider and manufacturer will have to say goodbye to the system so far of approvals issued by supervisory construction authorities.


There will also be changes on the part of the institute and approval bodies. A new body is appearing on the horizon with far-reaching duties – the Notified Product Certification Body (Notifizierte Produktzertifizierungsstelle, NPZ). The activities of this body stretch from test specimen planning to testing and preparation of the verifications right up to surveillance and certification of the manufacturers. The testing of the fire-resistant doorsets itself is done by a testing body that need not be the same as the NPZ. However, the NPZ retains the responsibility for the entire procedure. The areas of surveillance / certification and labelling of fire-resistant doorsets are described in detail in the following.


The complete text incl. pictures is available for downloading as PDF file.

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