Fire Testing Furnaces made by ift – A new service in Rosenheim

Date: 31.08.2016 | ID: PI160882 | Download: Fire Testing Furnaces made by ift – A new service in Rosenheim PI160882 (PDF) | Author(s): Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Newly established ift MessTec GmbH takes over the business of Peiner Ofen- und Feuerungsbau (Furnace and Refractory Construction)

For almost 50 years, ift Rosenheim has been developing measuring and testing equipment for the windows, facades, and the door and gate industry as well as for glass and building materials. In 2007, an innovative 5 m x 5 m large fire testing furnace was developed jointly by ift Rosenheim and the designers of Peiner Ofen- und Feuerungsbau (PeOF) for the first time. The strengths of the cooperation were also demonstrated with the construction of the 8 m wide and 5 m high wall testing furnace including a flue gas cleaning system in the ift Technology Centre. Innovative and high-performance systems are created when experts having several years of experience in furnace building and the development of specialised test and measuring equipment work hand in hand. This successful teamwork is now being expanded in the new ift MessTec GmbH. The new company came into being on 1 August as a subsidiary of ift Rosenheim. The technical employees of PeOF have been taken over in the process.


Testing and measuring form the basis of successful product development and quality as well as sales and marketing including the testing of construction products in accordance with building law. Over a period of 50 years, ift Rosenheim has developed a large number of test methods and test facilities for day-to-day use in the laboratory. In doing so, the strengths and skills lie in the combination of specialised test, measuring and control equipment with practical evaluation conforming to standards as well as high-quality construction of devices for daily laboratory use. This concept of success is now being expanded in the newly established ift MessTec GmbH, which was founded as a subsidiary of ift Rosenheim GmbH on 1 August.


Matthias Fröhleke and Stephan Lechner, both of whom are accomplished employees of ift Rosenheim enjoying several years of experience, have been appointed as the Directors of the new company and thus ensure the skills, quality and innovation with measuring and test equipment that is valued by ift Rosenheim. Authorised Officer Manfred Globke and Project Manager Frank Reiche of PeOF, have been transferred to ift MessTec and they weigh in their experience in the construction of fire testing furnaces.


This common competence has also been put to use for the design and construction of the 8 m x 5 m large fire test furnace and the flue gas cleaning system specially designed for it in the ift Technology Centre, thus creating one of the most modern fire test laboratories in less than 12 months. Several enquiries from international companies for this service have induced the Managing Directors of ift Rosenheim to establish ift MessTec GmbH. “The several years of experience enjoyed by ift Rosenheim in the manufacture and marketing of measuring and test equipment, the international demand for fire test furnaces as well as the opportunity to take over the operative business of PeOF have facilitated the decision by us to establish a new company”, explained ift Managing Director, Dr. Jochen Peichl.


Wilhelm Gerhard Venn, too, the Managing Partner of PeOF, who is retiring for health reasons, appeared to be very satisfied: “I am happy to learn that the experience and skills established over several years is being taken forward successfully by ift MessTec GmbH.”


The existing range of measuring and test equipment offered by ift Rosenheim is now being completed with the engineering and construction of fire testing furnaces and refractories, including flue gas cleaning and their automation. Even training courses, tests conforming to standards on their own test rigs as well as DAkkS calibrations can be carried out in conjunction with the parent company, ift Rosenheim. “The newly founded ift MessTec already has a few promising fire testing furnaces in the design phase. Both Directors have comprehensive experience with the design and implementation of complex laboratory and test facilities. This is why I am sure that the new company will be successful in making an impact in the market”, emphasised the Head of the Institute, Prof. Ulrich Sieberath.

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