45th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference 2017

Date: 12.06.2017 | ID: PI170547 | Download: 45th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference 2017 PI170547 (PDF) | Author(s): Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Managing the future – facing the challenge of digitalisation and social change with knowledge and courage, and using new technologies!

Dynamic internet portals, digitalisation, Industry 4.0, migration movements, demographics – all this is rapidly impacting on purchasing decisions, and hence on products. Those who do not recognise trends in good time and develop suitable solutions will not survive in the market. For this reason, the most important technological trends and their effects on social development will be analysed at this year’s Window and Façade Conference at Rosenheim from 11 to 13 October 2017. Furthermore, the new Model Building Code (MBO) and Model Administrative Regulation Technical Building Rules (MVV TB), and the normative changes in the ISO 10077 (U-values) standard and those relating to window hardware, require first-hand information.


The window and facade industry is increasingly feeling the impact of the internet and the "digitalisation wave". Internet portals, the automation of building components, the Smart Home and new apps are a clear sign that technology and purchasing behaviour are undergoing fundamental change. Likewise, products are changing rapidly. Windows are replacing facades, pedestrian doors are becoming industrial doors, external doors are becoming internal doors and lift doors are becoming entrance doors. Applications are becoming interchangeable and offer many new opportunities. In order to ensure that these "waves" do not turn into floods for companies, the 45th Rosenheim Window and Façade Conference will analyse the most important trends in 29 lectures and 4 workshops.


In his lecture “Managing the future – facing the challenge of digitalisation and social change with knowledge and courage”, the Director of the ift, Prof Ulrich Sieberath, will present analyses and solutions for window and facade manufacturers.


Another keynote speaker, Dr Jens-Uwe Meyer (Innolytics GmbH) will give a talk entitled “Take note – digital disruption in the window industry” in which he will demonstrate how digital technologies can be used to enhance innovation without the risk of companies becoming victims of digitalisation and failing in the market. Another highlight is a detailed look at the facade of the Elbphilharmonie by Michael Elstner (AGC Interpane), Stefan Goeddertz (Herzog & de Meuron) and Karl Lindenmaier (Josef Gartner).


The following lectures provide information on recent innovations:

  • “Switchable liquid crystal glass – chemistry meets glass”, Dr Johannes Canisius
    (Merck KGaA)
  • “The trend towards switchable glazing – the current state of technology, research and development”, Lukas Niklaus (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC)
  • “The Window Machine – prefabricated refurbishment windows with integrated mechanisms”, Vesna Pungercar (Munich Technical University)
  • “E-commerce in the windows market, bottomless pit or revenue driver?”, Dr Frederik Lehner (Interconnection Consulting)


Practical lectures with direct benefit for business operations:

  • “T-cleats with fall prevention for PVC windows – new ift-Guideline FE 06/2”, Torsten Voigt (ift)
  • “Every facade is different! The necessity of examining individual projects, and possible approaches”, Rolf Schnitzler (ift)
  • “The new guideline for the installation of curtain-wall facades – report by the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the VFF”, Christian Anders (Anders Metallbau GmbH)
  • “Building component catalogue for curtain-wall facades – ift research project on insulation against airborne sound and linear sound propagation”, Bernd Saß (ift)
  • “ift sustainability product passport (NHPP) – product certification for DGNB, LEED and BREEAM”, Florian Stich (ift)
  • “Installation of burglar-resistant building components in high-performance thermally insulated brickwork – interim account of the current research project”, Fabian Kutscher (ift)


Kicking off with the ift Power Workshop on Wednesday afternoon, window manufacturers are offered insider tips on the installation of lift/slide elements, on the visual assessment of glass, on the ift installation planner, as well as insights into the expert witness work carried out by the ift.


For detailed information and registration details please visit www.fenstertage.de

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