“Quality follows function“

Date: 14.02.2017 | ID: PI170234 | Download: “Quality follows function“ PI170234 (PDF) | Author(s): Christoph Freidhofer

Documentation now available online

This year’s motto of the ift Special Show at BAU 2017 in Munich was “Quality follows function”. The documentation of the Special Show is now available at the ift online shop free of charge and contains interesting information about “usage-oriented building quality” at the example of school buildings, residential constructions and care institutions.


The complexity of designing and constructing buildings and the requirements of building elements increase more and more. They are very different depending on the place of use. There is no building element that can be used for all applications, since the demands made on windows, doors or gates in school buildings, administrative buildings or residential constructions are very different.


The documentation of the ift Special Show “Quality follows function” contains interesting tables, advices and pictures with important guidelines for practical use to support planners, architects, manufactures and installation companies. Furthermore the requirements of the different places of use are described and recommendations for technical characteristics, dimensions, partitioning of windows as well as opening type, construction or installations for safety are given.


The documentation can be downloaded free of charge at the ift online shop (www.ift-rosenheim.de/shop/en/).

Legal note for use: The contents are freely available when mentioning the source ‘Information of ift Rosenheim’ and can be used without a license for communication in media and business. Please send us a specimen copy as publication or as PDF-file via email to the editorial contact.