“Success with Security + Quality!“

Date: 01.04.2016 | ID: PI160353 | Download: “Success with Security + Quality!“ PI160353 (PDF) | Author(s): Christoph Freidhofer

Documentation now online available

The ift Special Show at “Fensterbau Frontale“ 2016 in Nuremberg was entitled “Success with Security + Quality!”. The documentation of the Special Show is now available at the ift online shop and contains interesting information about the issues ‘security’ and ‘quality’.


Quality has to be recognisable and assured characteristics must be maintained on a long term base. This principle as well as suitability for use and sustainability of quality products is getting more and more important for manufacturers, architects, dealers and building owners.


Also, in the context of increasing crime rates, security is becoming a serious aspect, which has also been discussed at the ift Special Show. Interesting information especially about the issues burglar resistance, reliability of use, fire safety and smoke control can be found in the documentary.


How quality and security of building components can be successfully designed, implemented and tested is shown on the 40 pages of “Success with Security + Quality!” (ift Special Show, Fensterbau Frontale 2016).


The documentation can be ordered at www.ift-rosenheim.de/shop/en/ (a nominal charge of 0.50 € and mailing costs have to be payed).
Legal note for use: The contents are freely available when mentioning the source ‘Information of ift Rosenheim’ and can be used without a license for communication in media and business. Please send us a specimen copy as publication or as PDF-file via email to the editorial contact.